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BK Eats

That's me, Brian Kunath. "BK" for short. I also lived in Brooklyn for 16 years, so the "BK" works there, too. I could try to make it work a third way, but haven't figured it out. "Beef King" sounds weird. "BBQ Kaiser" is trying too hard. Let's stick with the two meanings.

As a creative director, I am no stranger to late-night dinners. Burgers and wet fries smooshed to one side of a delivery container. Vending machine buffets. Candy-as-dinner. But on the weekends, I trade my writer's cap for a chef's hat.

I believe that anything worth eating is worth making right. So I find the things I love to eat and make them from scratch. Even my ingredients have ingredients. Food is another way to have a conversation, to tell the story you want to tell.  

BK Eats is my story to you.



Hungry? Hangry? Questions?